Weighted Blankets: How They Work

Weighted blankets remain a matter of debate. The blanket shown here is not a weighted one. Weighted blankets, sometimes referred to as gravity blankets, were once a tool of therapists and psychiatry clinics. Now, they have gone mainstream. But whether there are any health benefits to using weighted blankets to ease anxiety and other issues remains a matter of debate, with some experts even cautioning these 25-pound blankets might pose a hazard to children. Weighted blankets are harmless when they are used for teens or adults, said Teresa May-Benson, an occupational therapist with the nonprofit Spiral Foundation in Newton, Massachusetts. But it should be noted that two deaths have been linked to the misuse of weighted blankets: one of a...

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How to Create a Well-Traveled Bedroom

After a trip it’s not uncommon to come home with a few – or a suitcase worth – tokens from our travels. It’s these mementos that add depth and breath personality back into our spaces, reminding us of the roads we traveled and places we’ve seen.  We’ve put together three rooms that show how you can achieve a well-traveled space, reminiscent of your latest journeys. Stockholm     There are a rare few unaffected by the lure of Scandivaian design. Whether you’ve traveled to Sweden or are an Ikea devotee, the simplistic and functional foundation appeals to the art of living well. To create your own Scandinavian inspired look, gravitate towards bright whites and cool grey textiles that complement natural woods....

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Percale vs. Sateen: What’s the Difference?

When we set out to create the perfect sleep experience, we knew it would depend on one core factor: Fabric. The chosen textiles would need to possess the power to relax the mind and put the body at ease, to beckon you to bed each night and return you to the world rejuvenated the next morning. We visited factories all over the world in search of this perfect product and sensation, and when we first set foot in our factory in Portugal, we knew we’d found it. This facility is manufactured by true artisans who have been making world class bedding for over 80 years. Their passion for linens is demonstrated in their attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship. What is...

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