How to Create a Well-Traveled Bedroom

After a trip it’s not uncommon to come home with a few – or a suitcase worth – tokens from our travels. It’s these mementos that add depth and breath personality back into our spaces, reminding us of the roads we traveled and places we’ve seen.  We’ve put together three rooms that show how you can achieve a well-traveled space, reminiscent of your latest journeys.




There are a rare few unaffected by the lure of Scandivaian design. Whether you’ve traveled to Sweden or are an Ikea devotee, the simplistic and functional foundation appeals to the art of living well. To create your own Scandinavian inspired look, gravitate towards bright whites and cool grey textiles that complement natural woods. A layered, monochromatic bed keeps the room light and inviting while minimal accessories avoid clutter and visual distraction. And instead of floor-to-floor carpeting, opt for a small bedside rug.  For a functional, yet design forward, solution for storing your latest collection of magazines picked up abroad, museum brochures and polaroids from your travels, add an oversized flat woven basket near your bed to keep the memories at your fingertips.And of course, embrace the hygge – no matter the season – with a bedside candle, multiple pillows and ultra soft wool throw to stay wrapped in your memories of Sweden.




After a vacation spent walking through the world’s best outdoor markets it’s only fitting that the constant inspiration would ignite a redecorating spark! Allow your home to tell the story of your travels through the architecture and design of the place you last visited. Start by draping luxurious fabrics – maybe an unused top sheet – over your bed with poles to mimic that of a canopy. Next, add a cut metal pendant light – that you can find at any local flea market – to remind yourself of wandering the markets in Marrakech. Layering throw pillows and cushions provide for an easy yet sophisticated update. Display collected trinkets from your travels in added shelving – think books, hats, planters and jewelry. To complete the look, add a hook to your wall and hang your favorite textile from the desert bazaar.

Joshua Tree


No two vacations are the same and a trip to the desert is less about bringing back souvenirs, and more about bringing back a state of mind. Being in nature creates space to pause from our everyday lives. Carry that tranquility with you by keeping your bedroom simple and undone. Brushed Cotton bedding is exceptionally cozy and has a buttery soft finish, just like your favorite lived-in t-shirt. The two toned fabric gives depth to the bed while still keeping you cool. By bringing in Spanish tile – or better yet, removable wallpaper – you’re reminded of the mission style architecture of the California desert. A love of travel knows no boundaries – bring back sentimental and natural elements from your journey to decorate your room. Hang the hat you wore while hiking through the national park on a wall, ready for your next adventure, bring back a succulent and crystals (not from the National Park, please) for your night stand. A few simple tricks with help you achieve a well-traveled, perfectly curated home.